If someone breaks a glass, or drops an open bottle of milk, or pulls the handle off a cupboard, would you smash them in the face?

Can we agree that even if they did it on purpose that violence isn’t a fitting punishment for these crimes?

There are people in the world who agree with this except when it comes to themselves… They believe that they deserve to be violently punished for small infractions that would normally mean nothing. Thery appear to choose to stay with other people who do believe violence is a fitting punishment for anything that makes them angry.

We exclaim to the people who stay, ‘why do you stay, why?!’ but it never occurs to us to ask the punisher, ‘why do you react this way, why?!’ We always seem to justify their violence somehow. That’s just how it is or it’s human nature. All the while questioning the ones being punished as though they were the ones causing harm to another being.

This is not an original thought or a great epiphany, it is merely another person attempting to articulate their utter despair as aggressive action after aggressive action continues to roll on through our world on the back of aggressive words and images.

It is so embedded and engrained in our minds that it’s all so normal that anyone who asks why┬áis, wait for it, verbally or physically abused in some form or another. Maybe even indirectly.

It’s amazing how that view can transpose itself into any form of life on our planet. The violent people choose their reason or have one already and exploit it. And exploit others around them by encouraging the violence. All the while ensuring that the ones who stay near them continue to believe they simply don’t deserve anything better. No matter how intense or obvious the violence is. No matter how subtle the coercion.

And they like it this way. It creates fear and confusion and conflict. Divide and rule. Oldest trick in the book?