They told Me to Write a Poem (Spoken Word)


They told me to write a poem,

one to celebrate the art of rhymes,

structures and creating



I’ve always hated the ritual

of celebration,

its infatuation done wrong.

My poem was awful,

shameful and



They told me to write

something beautiful.

My body was my blank canvas,

and I wrote the words

to my life.

I carved out the paths,

echoed out my tales,

told them something


I wrote them lines

of dreams and

stanzas of nightmares.

They did tell me to

write something


My writing skewed as I

recalled my past,

and felt the tears

of regret stain

the page.

They tried to wipe

them away,

but it was something


I recalled every bruise

and scar,

I pointed to my

stretch marks and

they were beautiful.

They asked me why

I was doing this.

I couldn’t answer as

my words stopped in my

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