solidarity in the 4th wave?

Exactly Gemma, we are all learning. Part of that seems to me to be about not feeling ashamed. Shame is a big part of this. We can only defeat it if we pull together.


As I’ve learned more about sexual objectification and the damage of gender roles over the past few years, it has become clear how much it affects society, predominantly women, in different ways. From victim blaming, unequal parental responsibility, rape and domestic violence – and the victim blaming that comes with it. There has yet to be a day without an example of it in the news every single day. They are huge issues affecting most, if not all women and girls every day. My social media and contacts are filled with those who claim to feel just as passionately about changing the world for the better by making a stand against these issues but there are a few problems, Tokenism, picking and division,
Tokenism. This is the most frustrating for me. I hear you care about this stuff too. I hear you want violence against women to be addressed and this is great! Lets…

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