A few thoughts on #NoMorePage3

Yes. Agreed. NMP3 members do not think that sex workers are wrong, they do not think that nakedness is bad.
We simply don’t think that bare boobs in a national family newspaper is appropriate.

A Bit of Class

So. The Sun has dropped, or sort of dropped, Page 3 in it’s current incarnation, and feminists everywhere are either rejoicing or snarking.

I have seen so much snark last night and today. I like snark and am a champion of throwing shade, it’s kind of fun and most of us deserve it at some point.

But when all feminist debate is centred around being sarcy enough to score points on Twitter, it gets a bit daft and no good comes of it.

Particularly as a) actual debate is good for feminism, and b) it’s of course perfectly understandable that some people have concerns about the campaign and that some people want to voice those.

I got GMB trade union to back the No More Page 3 campaign, and I and the NUJ reps in my workplace also had The Sun removed from our break areas after our members complained…

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