Page 3- You Knew This Article Was Coming.


Today I attack the debated topic of ‘No More Page 3’.

As a female I, of course, detest the page 3. The blaring of a woman’s body in a newspaper is not something you want to creep upon during your Sunday morning read.

Now, I want to settle that I am not dismissing what these models are doing with their bodies. I whol-heartedly believe that you can do whatever you want in life with your body, and no one can criticise you for that.

I am dismissing the idea of ‘page 3’ as a thing that still exists. This little objectification of women that we just ignore on a daily basis.

We talk about ending sexism and creating equality, but if we can’t agree on this then what happens next?

Also, can I just point out that The Sun is a family orientated newspaper. They hold competitions for CHILDREN and…

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