If your belief makes someone else feel bad, is it right to have that belief?

Or if you flaunt your belief to make someone else feel bad and conform, is that right?

If your belief is yours and through general conversation you find out that you share that belief with other people so that there are more people with that belief, is that okay?

If you take all those people who believe the same as you and collectively make other people feel bad and conform is that okay?



If someone breaks a glass, or drops an open bottle of milk, or pulls the handle off a cupboard, would you smash them in the face?

Can we agree that even if they did it on purpose that violence isn’t a fitting punishment for these crimes?

There are people in the world who agree with this except when it comes to themselves… They believe that they deserve to be violently punished for small infractions that would normally mean nothing. Thery appear to choose to stay with other people who do believe violence is a fitting punishment for anything that makes them angry.

We exclaim to the people who stay, ‘why do you stay, why?!’ but it never occurs to us to ask the punisher, ‘why do you react this way, why?!’ We always seem to justify their violence somehow. That’s just how it is or it’s human nature. All the while questioning the ones being punished as though they were the ones causing harm to another being.

This is not an original thought or a great epiphany, it is merely another person attempting to articulate their utter despair as aggressive action after aggressive action continues to roll on through our world on the back of aggressive words and images.

It is so embedded and engrained in our minds that it’s all so normal that anyone who asks why is, wait for it, verbally or physically abused in some form or another. Maybe even indirectly.

It’s amazing how that view can transpose itself into any form of life on our planet. The violent people choose their reason or have one already and exploit it. And exploit others around them by encouraging the violence. All the while ensuring that the ones who stay near them continue to believe they simply don’t deserve anything better. No matter how intense or obvious the violence is. No matter how subtle the coercion.

And they like it this way. It creates fear and confusion and conflict. Divide and rule. Oldest trick in the book?

A few thoughts on #NoMorePage3

Yes. Agreed. NMP3 members do not think that sex workers are wrong, they do not think that nakedness is bad.
We simply don’t think that bare boobs in a national family newspaper is appropriate.

A Bit of Class

So. The Sun has dropped, or sort of dropped, Page 3 in it’s current incarnation, and feminists everywhere are either rejoicing or snarking.

I have seen so much snark last night and today. I like snark and am a champion of throwing shade, it’s kind of fun and most of us deserve it at some point.

But when all feminist debate is centred around being sarcy enough to score points on Twitter, it gets a bit daft and no good comes of it.

Particularly as a) actual debate is good for feminism, and b) it’s of course perfectly understandable that some people have concerns about the campaign and that some people want to voice those.

I got GMB trade union to back the No More Page 3 campaign, and I and the NUJ reps in my workplace also had The Sun removed from our break areas after our members complained…

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Footballers, Prostitutes and Feminists

Not The News in Briefs

This week the story of Ched Evans, the Sheffield United footballer convicted of rape, has been all over the news. Debate has been centred around whether on release from prison he should get his old job back, and the feminist position has been largely that no, he shouldn’t: as a highly-paid footballer he has a privileged position as a role model to young people, especially boys, and his reinstatement would be to minimise the damage he has done and to reinforce a structural misogyny within football. There is broad agreement amongst feminists that the message this would send out would be detrimental to women as a whole.

Judging from the accounts of the case I have read, the 19 year-old victim was picked up in a drunken state by a man who then texted his friend that he’d ‘got a bird’. She was then taken to a pre-booked hotel room…

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Bitter? Feel better.

Hold on to those feelings that keep you hating.

They’ll keep you strong and bitter, just like great coffee.

Don’t want to be happy with your life? Tell everyone that whatever happened to you wasn’t your fault or your responsibility. That way you can justify your daily misery with excuses about how life just happened to you.

Page 3- You Knew This Article Was Coming.


Today I attack the debated topic of ‘No More Page 3’.

As a female I, of course, detest the page 3. The blaring of a woman’s body in a newspaper is not something you want to creep upon during your Sunday morning read.

Now, I want to settle that I am not dismissing what these models are doing with their bodies. I whol-heartedly believe that you can do whatever you want in life with your body, and no one can criticise you for that.

I am dismissing the idea of ‘page 3’ as a thing that still exists. This little objectification of women that we just ignore on a daily basis.

We talk about ending sexism and creating equality, but if we can’t agree on this then what happens next?

Also, can I just point out that The Sun is a family orientated newspaper. They hold competitions for CHILDREN and…

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