Croytopia: 10 reasons Croydon isn’t as shit as you think!

just wonderful. from an ex croydon girl x

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinions

To many, Croydon is complete concrete mess where people get stabbed and riot on the reg. So what if I can’t walk home alone after dark? So what if they had to hire doormen for my block because people kept throwing petrol bombs in the lift? So you hear about stabbings a lot on the news? Well get this. Shitloads more happen, they just don’t make the news if the victim survives. Anyway, here are 10 reasons to change your opinion on Croydon!

1. The Wildlife – on the 8 minute walk from my flat to the station, I’ve seen shit loads of wildlife. Foxes, a bug infested discarded chicken box, and rats are a daily occurrence. But my personal favourite is the occasional tumble-weave (weave that got pulled out most likely in a lady fight) blowing in the wind that you might confuse for a dead bird.

blog 5
(Bird or weave, you decide!)


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