‘Boobs are not News’: An Introduction the the ‘No More Page Three’ Campaign

Rich Tosser

The ‘No More Page Three’ campaign is a pressure group that are trying to take the softcore pornography out of The Sun newspaper and, like most apathetic English people who follow political movements, I just sort of signed the petition and left it there, feeling somewhat smug about about myself for having done something. Still, as the campaign develops, as it becomes clear how much needs to be done, I think I need to get my politic on and talk about why I support removing the naked boobs from Britain’s largest selling newspaper. For me, it’s obvious. And maybe that’s why I’ve neglected to write about it for so long. However, I do feel there is still a lot of confusion about the idea. So, I’ll try and be as straight forward as I can as I write this: an introduction to the ‘No More Page Three’ campaign or the…

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